Are you beginning to fathom where our country is located? |, One book for you
Did you know, fellow children, that we once visited one of their domed cities?

Are you beginning to fathom where our country is
located? No, do not expect the modern grown-ups to point
it out to you on a map. Abandon hope, ye who expect
them to tell you anything of lasting value. They are only
good for babbling the latest infotainment nonsense. Alas,
those loud ignoramuses, those blundering tourists, those
neo-barbarians mistakenly call our country Greece and
Greeks when you shall learn, fellow children, that our
true name is Ellas, Elléness, Ellenic.
We are asking you to join our brotherhood. Yes, you.
For believe me, comrades, this is the ultimate choice. A
philhellene or an anti-philhellene. Philhellenism and antidarknessism
on the one side and a low opinion of
mankind, profiteers of darkness and corruption, blind collectors
of coins on the other side.


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