Can any of us doubt how necessary this religion of awakening is? -, One book for you
We children live in a world of big, busy people who don’t have time for us
This is it. Ten more in our religion of many commandments.

Can any of us doubt how necessary this religion of
awakening is? Why is our world in such a mess? Because
grown-ups everywhere are sleeping on the job. Just look
around and you’ll see how many of them are passing the buck,
refusing to learn, no longer curious. So is it any wonder that
our world is in the sorry state it is?
And how many children are stumbling behind their parents
in the dark? How many little citizens are being raised in
a state of ignorance? Isn’t this a crime? Isn’t it a shame? That
so many white lambs of innocent childhood should be brought
into this world of light with the ugly smudges and smears of
the blinder, older generation. And how angry the older ones
become when we curious children don’t blindly follow their


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