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Can any of us doubt how necessary this religion of awakening is?


We children live in a world of big, busy people who
don’t have time for us. Though they have just
enough time to tell us what to eat, what to wear, what books
to read, what political system to support and all that. Naturally,
we would like to sit down and have a nice long chat
with some of them – but they never have the time. They are
always rushing around in a hurry to make more phone calls,
push more buttons, and turn more steering wheels.
When we children ask them questions, those big people
don’t know the answers. When we talk to them, they don’t listen.
When we tell them about some wonderful discovery of
ours, they ignore us as they hurry along their way.
To us, the reason for their strange behaviour seems obvious.
Even though their eyes are open, those grown-ups are
really sleepwalkers. Just look at the way they blindly rush
around the city, always bumping and crashing into one another.
Which is why we children would like to give them the
First Ten in our religion of many commandments…


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