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And If Despite Your Brightest Lightning Words and Heaviest …
Are you beginning to fathom where our country is located?

Did you know, fellow children, that we once visited one
of their domed cities? Yes, we sneaked in unnoticed and what
did we see? Floating screens everywhere high above the heads
of the inhabitants who kept bumping into each other. Tirelessly
chanting machines, chattering information centers and nonstop
techno-music so that the constantly distracted people never had
the peace and quiet to think for themselves or reflect. We saw
that that entire domed city was one vast, automated, robot
guarded prison consisting of many smaller buildings and prisons
to teach the dome-dwellers how to accept their endless confinement.
Virtual reality entertainment centers for mindless
customers who couldn’t leave; heartlessly locked, electronically
empty, sunless schools whose heavy automated doors would
not open until the frightened children locked inside learned
their lesson; concrete, cavelike, gloomy icon, pseudo-Gothic
churches echoing with the stale words repeated Sunday after
Sunday by sour-looking priests without any miraculous effect.


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