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the-children's-manifesto-for-grown-ups-peter-chrissA little bit of cold and snow this winter after years of unnatural, sickly warmth is not such a bad thing. Yet something, else is going on in the sky above our heads. Strange weather is coming…

Some years ago I wrote MOLON LAVE 2013 where I explained the Ten Reasons why Ellas (i.e. Greece) is under attack. I mentioned certain future events which, unfortunately, are coming true which makes my book somewhat prophetic. (I hope my present book THE CHILDREN’S MANIFESTO FOR GROWN-UPS which forecasts the coming of strange weather shall not prove to be prophetic.)

Specifically, I mentioned that in the near future the winters in Europe and in Ellas shall become colder. The snows on the mountains of Ellas shall soon start to melt and winter will be over. Yet if what we all went through this year was not an isolated phenomena but if every year from now on the winters are going to get longer, colder and harsher then we have a problem that needs to be solved.

I am not pretending to be a prophet and I don’t want my books to called Peter’s Book of Revelations. Because I value clear thinking more than murky mysteries andΜολών-λαβέ-,-Πέτρος-Κρίς because I have learned a lot more from Aristotle the Father of Logic than from John of Patmos (the author of the Biblical Book of Revelations) I want my own thinking and writing to be clear. I am simply an author and a free-thinker who is sharing my thoughts with you as I expect you to share your thoughts with me. It is my impression that Europe’s winters are going to become colder and this is based on certain observations I made as well as on something I read on the internet. The internet, of course, has to be read with a great deal of caution as many things written on it are not to be believed and much of the information it offers may be false. The site on the internet I discovered some years ago was written by a scientist and it made a great impression on me. Unfortunately, I only read it that once as I have not been able to find it since.

The scientist who wrote that site claimed something which if true will be terrible. That our whole planet will change its angle of tilt so that the European continent will be moved further north; that this further tilting of our planet is something which we cannot become aware of through our senses; that the community of scientists is not as free or independent as we like to think; that only the 5 or 6 largest observatories in the world are capable of verifying such a global tilt; and that this change will happen gradually and slowly over many years.

Even though I couldn’t find that site again, I did find numerous other sites written by observers who claim (true or false?) that our planet must be tilting. Naturally, it seems unbelievable that our whole planet could be tilting and that the entire European continent is moving northwards without anybody in public office saying anything. Yet because we all know that most of the media is bought and paid for and controlled, the only people left in the world who might tell you the truth are the ones who appear on local TV stations or who write in small newspapers or in small, independent internet sites such as this one.

I don’t remember what else I read on that site by the unknown scientist, but it did put me to thinking. Specifically, I asked myself three questions;

  1. If this is true, how will it affect the political situation in Europe and Ellas?

  2. Is there an artificial way using the latest science and technology to change our planet’s tilt and move the European continent further northwards?

  3. Are there people high up in power who would try to do something like this if they could and why? What would be their motive?

Let us try to answer the last question first.




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