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STRANGE WEATHER – IIEven though I am a positive person who doesn’t believe in devils or Satans, I have come to the melancholy conclusion that the secret governors and organizations that rule us from behind the curtains of the official state are not really such nice people. They do not want the total destruction of an all-out nuclear war but they do want the limited disaster, the measurable, profitable, and controllable catastrophe. If they really wanted peace on earth, the situation on our planet would be much more stable and welcoming.

They do not want peace. They want endlessly limited wars wherever they want, whenever they want and with whomever they want on this planet. They want to appear as political saviours when, in fact, they are legal thieves who suck whatever is good and profitable from the societies and nations they destroy.

For those of you who are hesitant to believe such a scenario and have the illusion that you are learning the uncensored truth from CNN and The Economist, just think of how many lies they told you about the Greek debt, the fall of the Twin Towers in New York City and the financing of the ISIS terrorist organization in the Middle East.

Therefore, we have arrived at the sad conclusion that the truly powerful (and largely unknown) people who want to determine our destinies and fortunes, would bring about a European catastrophe if they could. Specifically, to try to change our planet’s angle of tilt and move the entire continent of Europe further north to a colder, more Arctic, more inhospitable latitude. A disaster, of course, for us who make Europe our home but profitable, perhaps, for those loveless ones who have no home. (There are ancient writers such as Plato, Hesiod, Ovid, and antique texts such as the Vedic Scrolls which will tell us a prehistory of mankind that almost sounds like a fairytale. That many, many thousands of years ago our planet earth was unfallen and had no angle of tilt. As earth circled around the sun in the upright position, our planet knew no winter but instead experienced an endless spring which was called a Golden Age by the ancients. There were no long months of darkness and cold; flowers blossomed and gardens offered their fruit all year round; birds did not have to fly away from their homes every year; bears did not have to fall into a winter sleep; and men and women did not grow old so quickly.

This is how life on earth was once upon a time. And those ancient writers and wise men would also tell us that it is not only the earth that is continuously falling but that the human race is falling, too.)

So what, therefore, is the motive of those who wish to make our planet and mankind fall even further by changing the present tilt of our planet and put Europe on ice?

One of their motives is the profit they can make from such a controlled catastrophe and disastrous displacement (just think of real estate and The Arab Spring). There is also the psychological profit and spiritual sickness of those who hate European civilization (i.e. the West) and are jealous of Ellas, the world’s unknown holy land and the cradle of western civilization. Jealousy, unfortunately, is the motive that makes certain new-world-order-globalizers want to move Ellas further north and place another country (which we will not name just yet) in its place.

All this, of course, sounds more like a scenario for a science-fiction film than a realistic appraisal of what is going on in the world. Yet if true it would certainly give a different dimension and explanation for what is going on in our world and for why the various “leaders” of Europe are acting the way they are. If the political leaders of the various European nations were told that they should sign (and never stop signing) these harsh new measures which will slowly but steadily decrease the population of Ellas and other European nations and if these “leaders” were told (by the “experts” of course) that they will have to reduce the population of their countries because a catastrophic climate change is approaching which will inevitably reduce the population of Europe anyways, would they not sign? And as well as flattering these politicians for being brave and unselfish (etc., etc.) and for sacrificing their popularity for the sake of the greater good, they would also be advised not to make any public statements as to what is really happening so that people will not panic and so that society at large will not break down in pandemonium. In other words, the “debt” is a convenient lie which masks the true reason why so many Europeans are being impoverished.

My friends will tell me, of course, that such fantastic and far-fetched scenarios are not needed to explain the behavior of politicians who sign without even reading what they are signing. That greed and corruption explains their behavior well enough. I will not entirely disagree with that but I think that something else is also going on.

Furthermore, we should be aware that just as we are being lied to on a daily basis, so, too, the political “leaders” are also being lied to by their higher-ups. Political leaders are being told that the catastrophe approaching Europe is entirely natural and unavoidable when in fact, however, it is neither natural nor inevitable. And this brings us to the next question.




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