STRANGE WEATHER – III -, One book for you


strange-weather-3Using the latest science and technology is there an artificial way to cause the planet to further tilt and to displace the European continent further northwards to the Arctic?

I clearly state and openly admit from the start of this conversation that I am neither a scientist, nor a specialist in this field, nor a prophet. What I am writing here is not prophecy but intelligent guesswork. I am merely expressing my thoughts and worries with you as a concerned citizen.

So as an amateur scientist I thought of a way in which some people might attempt to bring about a limited catastrophe using the latest technology at their disposal. And it goes without saying that if I can think of it, so can the professional scientists and scientific think tanks that are being well-paid to produce such thoughts for their immoral masters. So I will now explain how such a planetary turn of events might be possible in the simplest language so that everyone might understand.

Our planet may be compared to a spinning ball which has a certain direction and a certain angle of spin. For such a moving ball to change its angle of spin it must receive a “new kick”. Without this “kick”, the spinning ball will continue to spin and move as before. So from where will this new kick come from? From the chemtrails in the sky and from solar energy.

Here we must make mention that there is doubt among the public as to whether or not chemtrails really exist. This is because some people, out of ignorance, and others, deliberately, have confused the regular airplanes that leave behind them a small trail of burnt gasoline with the other airplanes that leave behind them chemtrails. So let us begin this conversation by stating the obvious.

All airplanes that use fuel leave behind them a small trail of burnt gasoline which disappears from the sky after a while. Depending on the height at which they travel the sky and depending on the temperature at that height, the trail of burnt fuel the airplanes leave behind them will sooner or later disappear from the sky. Yet this is completely different from the chemtrails we are talking about and this can be proven.

First proof. The chemical composition of gasoline is different from the chemical composition of chemtrails. Chemtrails contain a high amount of aluminium flakes or aluminium particles and this is something, of course, which gasoline does not have. This is an objective statement proven by the measurements of scientists.

Second proof. The behavior in the sky of chemtrails is entirely different from the behavior of burnt gasoline. At whatever height the regular airplanes fly across the sky, the trails of burnt gasoline will disappear sooner or later. By contrast, chemtrails are much longer and not only do they not disappear after a while but, instead, they grow larger and wider so it is not at all unusual to see a few chemtrail airplanes criss-crossing the sky – each one leaving behind its large chemtrail – until the sun has been hidden from view and the day has become grey and overcast. Cast over, that is, by an artificial ceiling of chemtrails. And this is something, by the way, that can be seen and verified with the naked eye.

As I myself saw one day with my own eyes.




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