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Travelling one bright sunny day on a ferryboat from the island of Corfu to the mainland, I noticed some airplanes criss-crossing the sky and leaving long trails of something behind them. I didn’t know about chemtrails then but I was intrigued by what I saw. Instead of becoming smaller and disappearing, these trails grew larger and larger so that the sun could no longer be seen and the sky became overcast. What had happened?


Now if we accept their existence and the fact that they can affect the weather, we come back to our original question. Is there an artificial way using the latest science and technology to change our planet’s tilt? And here is my answer.

The aluminium particles (i.e., chemtrails) along with the sun’s solar energy are the “kick” which may make the spinning ball called earth change its angle of tilt so that the various continents will each occupy a new position.

(Obviously, like any logical and sensible person, I do not want any such disaster to occur. Like all of us, I would want this thought about how the tilt of our planet may be changed to simply remain a science fiction thought. Besides, I am merely an amateur scientist engaging in a thought experiment.

So if anyone is foolish enough to accuse me of giving thoughts and weapons to bad rulers who may wish to do bad things to us, do not deceive yourselves. You may rest assured that the bad governors who have money and scientists at their disposal have already thought and are already trying to make this and numerous other disasters come true. You may also rest assured that no matter what strange-weather-4they try to do, our planet will react in such a way as to try to keep its balance.

Yet what will your reaction be? What will our reaction be? This is a question which I cannot answer alone. Will we react at all? Or will we continue to allow bad rulers to bring us one disaster after another?)

To understand how this is possible, you must first be aware of the characteristics of aluminium particles. One of its characteristics is that it does not allow sunlight to pass through but reflects it back to its point of origin. Do you understand what this means?

It means that if the sky is covered with an artificial ceiling of aluminium particles early in the morning, the sun’s solar energy will be trapped outside the earth’s atmosphere. Yet if our sky is covered with an artificial ceiling of aluminium particles later on in the day when the sun’s solar energy has mostly reached the earth’s surface, then this energy will be trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. In other words, depending on the time in which the sky is covered with chemtrails, the temperature and the sunlight the earth receives may be increased or decreased. Now we can understood how the use of chemtrails may make it possible to destabilize our planet.

While decreasing the solar energy and temperature at one part of the earth, it can be increased at another or at the opposite part of the earth. This continuous increasing and decreasing of opposite parts of our world is what (the bad governors hope) will destabilize our planet and change its angle of tilt.

If all that we have said so far about the weather is true, it’s time you sent The Children’s Manifesto for Grown-ups or Molon Lave 2013 to your politicians so that they may also learn that the supposedly inevitable and natural climatic disaster coming to Europe is neither natural nor inevitable. On the contrary, it is entirely artificial and avoidable. Time to tell your friends about this site too.




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