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Whether we like it or not we see that when we talk about the weather, we are often talking about politics since the fears and worries of the public at large can often be used for political purposes. So let us say a few closing words about that large subject called the weather. And let us start with the obvious.

strange-weather-5The weather is always changing but I think it’s safe to say that in recent years it has become increasingly and alarmingly unstable. Those of us of a certain age will remember that once upon a time there really were four seasons and not these sudden, abrupt changes in temperature as if someone pulled a switch. It is only relatively recently that we have seen large rises and drops in temperature within the same day. All this, of course, requires a scientific explanation. What, then, is the official scientific explanation?

The official scientific explanation accepted by most scientists is called the Greenhouse Effect. All of us, certainly, have heard of this scientific theory which explains global warming. We hear it from such responsible organizations as the United Nations, various governments, various universities and famous scientists.

Some years ago the former vice-president of the United States, Al Gore, narrated a documentary film entitled “An Inconvenient Truth”. Based upon the Greenhouse Effect, this film tells us that the truth is inconvenient because man himself with his industrial society and machines that produce pollution is to blame for global warming. Al Gore also tells us that the truth is inconvenient because free men, by themselves, can do nothing to change this and that only a global government can save our planet from disaster by passing worldwide laws which will be enforced by a global police force.

This is what Al Gore tells us.

And what do I tell you? The obvious. Obviously pollution is a bad thing and we should keep our world clean and, just as obviously, mankind does not have to be enslaved in order to be saved.

Allow me now to disagree with the many who wholeheartedly accept the Greenhouse Effect theory. I am not saying that they are wrong and that the Greenhouse theory is false. I am simply saying that I don’t know. (We should also be aware, by the way, that there are scientists who disagree with the Greenhouse Effect theory and who say that the earth shall get colder rather than warmer.)

Beyond these purely scientific questions, however, there are political dimensions to this subject. I do not think that it is a coincidence that all the “one world government” and “new world order” politicians are in favor of the Greenhouse Effect theory. Yet if they want us to take them seriously, they must first try to answer two very simple questions.

First question. Inventors and scientists throughout the world have invented machines that don’t run on fuel and don’t produce pollution. Machines, in other words, that respect the environment. Yet why is it that these clean machines are not yet being produced and that these scientists are being ignored or put into jail by their governments?

Second question. Since chemtrails can increase the earth’s temperature, how can politicians and governments warn us about the dangers of global warning when they, themselves, don’t do anything to stop the chemtrail airplanes which are adding to the problem and further warming our planet?

Simple questions.

And we are still awaiting the answers.


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