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Peter Chriss

In a world where bad news, bad governments, new bills, higher taxes and speeding tickets are all for you, there is also something else for you... a special book for you...

Read it to grow wings to escape from the daily routine and fly away to a better world, the secret world of each new book.
Who wants to be happy? Who wants to sing and dance, laugh and play? Who wouldn’t want to return to the land of children again?

Once upon a time – a long, long time ago – there was just such a country. The country of children called “the childhood of mankind” and “the cradle of Western civilization”. And it was this country of wise children that once gave the adults such wonderful gifts as democracy, philosophy, the Olympic Games, technology, comedy and healthy living , and more.
Yet when those adults became too powerful for their own good, when they misused the gifts they had been given, when they started pushing the wrong buttons and making a mess of this world; it was because they had forgotten all about the land of children..

Yet if one does not know one’s own holy land, how can one know anything? If your holy land is unknown to you , everything else about your life will be unknown to you as well. It is time, therefore, to listen to those children. Time to listen to your forgotten hearts again.

That is why here, in this site, we offer you the books where the children are the heroes, the teachers and the stumbling, mumbling, grumbling grown-ups are the slumbering students.

It is time to find your way back to your lost holy land.

We children are waiting and we have one book for you ...

Peter Chriss


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