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Frozen Europe?


The worst ice age, of course, is the ice age children suffer among cold-hearted grown-ups with frozen minds and icy tongues. The ice age of suspicious minds and jealous souls who cannot smile at children or offer a helping hand to a stranger. The ice age brought about when people have no warmth inside them. A terribly cold age of murderously indifferent people, cynical men and wintry women incapable of much love.

So how do we children survive all those terribly grown-up ages? You may have heard about The Communist Manifesto and The Futurist Manifesto, The Feminist Manifesto and The Romantic Manifesto. But if you want to learn how we children may survive all your deadly grown-up ages, there is another manifesto you have to read.

The Children’s Manifesto.

Read it to learn our secrets. The secrets of us winged children who fly above the cities and apartment buildings of those downward looking, button-pushing, hand-swiping, microchipped, zombie adults. And read it to learn about another kind of ice age that may be coming.

There are many reasons for the decline of Western civilization and the demise of old Europe. Many reasons, many causes, many explanations. Yet one more reason may be the ice age they, the villains, have planned for us.

Have you noticed that they no longer talk so much anymore about the Greenhouse Effect but, instead, they talk more and more about the coming Climate Change? And a “climate change” means all kinds of changes including, of course, an ice age. An ice age of falling temperatures, below zero, ice and snow and sub-arctic conditions. Another nail that the villains are hammering in for the coffin of Europe.

Since those devils like to talk with forked tongues, has it ever occurred to you that all this talk in the media (a media they largely own) about a coming “Arab Spring” is not really meant to be taken politically or metaphorically or figuratively but, rather, secretly (for those few in the know – but I am giving you an advance preview) it is meant to be taken literally and climatically. As the earth is artificially made to tilt and shift a bit, the relative positions of the continents will also change so that the Middle East and North Africa will be moved a bit further north to where Europe is today. And Europe? It, too, will be pushed further north, closer to the Arctic region and… the Ice Age.

Are such things possible? Certainly the villains who hate mankind and Europe and western civilization would be more than willing to use any technology and perverted science if it would allow them to achieve this end. If they wanted to freeze the continent of Europe, they could have done so by affecting the Gulf Stream. Yet these villains are not so much interested in total disasters as they are in gradual and controllable, partial and profitable disasters. And to this end they have chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. and other such perverted science technologies at their disposal.

Yet we are not scientists. We children who are children of the West are simply asking all those who share our concerns to listen. We are calling on any non-zombied, non-apathetic, un-microchipped, un-barcoded, free thinking grown-ups still left in this world. We are calling on grown-ups who still believe in children and childhood and the future.

Read The Children’s Manifesto.

The Children’s Manifesto | BUY NOW !

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