Happy words 2

Happy words 2

Happy words

My youngest son (three years old) keeps telling me over and over again: “Dad, I’ m super strong. I’ m superman.” But whenever I tell him to pick up all his toys from the floor, he tells me, “Dad, I’ m not superman. Not super strong.”


When I was a child myself and my parents took me down to the harbor to watch all the ships coming and going, a military ship would sometimes dock at the harbor and unload it’s crew. And as the sailors and then the captain would come out, my mother would ask me,“Peter, what do you want to be when you grow up? A captain or a sailor?”

Well, the captains I saw were silent, serious, frowning, and somewhat grumpy. The sailors, however, were all laughing, cheerful, singing, and going out for a good time.

So my answer always was, “A sailor, of course!”

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