King for just a day

Subject: Could a child govern this country better than the grown-up politicians who are currently governing us?

Category: Young adult and adult

Pages: 67 pages with 13 illustrations and 10 moral lessons for grown-ups

Size: 13 X 19 cm


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About The Author

Peter Chriss

Peter Chriss

Peter Chriss is a lifelong lover of that great heritage known as English Literature and a graduate of the University of Waterloo (in Waterloo, Canada), the author has decided to return to the homeland of his parents and the cradle of western civilization.

Though every summer ignorant tourists and illiterate barbarians call this country “Greece”, the real and secret name of this unknown holy land is “Ellas”. On the west coast of this forgotten little country, the author lives with his wife and two children happily writing about the adventures of children everywhere.

King for just a day, (Άρχοντας για μια μέρα ) Peter Chriss (Only in Greek)

Where is this country where good people become poorer and the evil rulers laugh at them?

How come the people of this country keep changing governments without changing anything? Is this what democraty means in practice’?


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