Ever since I wrote the article “Last Words About The Weather” in my blog a few months ago, some of my fellow citizens here in Greece are now asking me in August if I still think that the climate of Europe as a whole is going to get colder. Basically, the people who are asking me about the weather can be divided into two groups. The smart guys and the not-so-smart guys. Let’s start with the not-so-smart guys to get them out of the way first.

Some people should realize that the issue is not whether I, personally, am right or whether I, personally, am wrong. As I, myself, have already admitted in my blog, I am neither a scientist nor an expert and I am not pretending to be a prophet. It may be considered irrelevant for a writer of fiction to be making weather forecasts but there is no limit to what a man may do or understand and my motivation is quite simple: I wish to share with other intelligent people my thoughts on one of the many dangers facing our society. Technologically controlled weather.

One of the things that smart people have that many dumb people do not is something called memory. Memory is a big deal. The greater your memory, the more things you can compare and contrast, the greater your ability to judge and decide, the deeper and richer your thoughts.

Of course, the idiot box called television shrinks a person’s memory and mental capabilities. For not only do people often not understand what they are watching, they also do not remember what they are watching. Their viewing experience becomes a visual blur and they cannot remember what they saw past the third television commercial. So let us help their memory a bit by telling them a few things about the weather they may have forgotten.

Once upon a time, we used to hear a lot about something called the “Greenhouse Effect”. Now, the United Nations, the European Union, other international bodies and all kinds of “recognized” scientists no longer talk of the greenhouse effect but, instead, about something called “Climate Change”. This is a very loοse terminology which covers all kinds of changing weather. Could it be that the doomsday criers and scaremongers are changing their terminology because they do not want to publicly admit that the Greenhouse Effect has not come and will not come about and that they are wrong?
Let us remember some more.

Once upon a time there was a vice-president of the U.S. named Al Gore who narrated a pseudo-scientific documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore was selling the Greenhouse Effect scare (many people, including myself, believed it at the time) and he stated – among other things – that the ice at the polar regions would melt and disappear in a few years causing the sea levels to rise dangerously. Well, more than a few years have passed since that ominous warning and Mr. Gore should be told (of course, he already knows) that not only has the sea level not risen, not only have the Arctic and Antarctic not disappeared but, on the contrary, the ice has increased at the polar region.
Eh? Did anybody say anything?

Now let’s talk about more recent events. It is August now and some of my compatriots are telling me, “Hey, buddy, what’s all this nonsense of Europe getting older? Isn’t it hot enough for you now? Haven’t you seen or heard about all the fires running wild in the country? So where’s your prediction now? “Where’s your CHILDREN’S MANIFESTO FOR GROWNS-UPS now?”


First of all, the fires are due as much to the strong winds and the arsonists as they are due to the high temperatures. Second, if we could remember what August was like last year in Greece, it was even hotter. And the August of the year before, hotter yet.
Eh? Did anybody say anything?

Let us also remember not only this year’s unusually cold winter in Greece but, also, this year’s unusual Greek summer. Have people here forgotten how long it took for the summer to heat up? Have people here forgotten that after the summer finally became normal, in July, all of a sudden, in many parts of Greece, the temperature dropped by twenty degrees and that it snowed on Mount Olympus? It snowed in July in Greece.
Eh? Did anybody say anything?
So much for fun and games, now for the serious stuff.



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