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Every civilization every country, every race, every-tribe, every distinct and unique group of people has the right to its memory; has the right to remember its unique history, its own distinct culture and achievements. This memory exists in the form of songs and chants, customs and traditions, sculptures, architecture and works. Faith, prayers and superstitions, epic poems and holy books. Literature is one of the most important forms of this patriotic or tribal memory.

WHAT WE DO NOT SEE ON TELEVISIONOur ancestors, the ghosts of the past and the long-ago events they lived through, may come alive for us modern residents when we listen to the songs they once sang or read the books they once wrote. Our vision and perspective becomes enlarged, our thought and feeling become enriched when we learn to see beyond our limited present moment. If we allow ourselves to become time travelers, the word of history becomes a living word and the books of history become books of the here and now as well as the long ago.

This applies to every tribe or civilization that has ever existed on earth for more than a generation. And the greater the number of generations, the potentially greater its wealth of thought. So the older a civilization is, the greater should be its treasures and achievements.

When I think of ancient Ellenic civilization (i.e., the ancient country modern barbarians ignorantly call Greece), I think not only of the Parthenon and the Great Library of Alexandria and most of the Seven Wonders of the World, I also think of the Three Wise Men (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) and the Seven Sages of the Ancient World, The Eleusinian Mysteries, the Delphic Oracles, the Olympic Games and the birth of Philosophy and Direct (i.e., True) Democracy and so much, much more. So it goes without saying that just as I think that every civilization has the right to preserve its memory and store and protect its own record of books and archives on its own soil, the greatest civilization of all ‑ and this is my own personal conviction which you may or may not share depending on your education and temperament ‑ the civilization of Ellas, the birthplace of western civilization, has the right to do the same.
Now, with the above in mind, consider the following news item which was never reported on the news and which I only learned about through a friend. In September of 2017, the Ellenic National Library is transferring all of its books, records, maps, chronicles, documents, archives, artifacts,etc. From its state-owned building to a private corporation belonging to the estate of a deceased businessman named Stavros Niarchos. Obviously, this raises questions many alarm bells.

Should the heritage and written memory of a very ancient nation be place in the vaults of a private corporation? Who are the anonymous shareholders of this corporation? Who owns and ‑ just as importantly ‑ who runs and directs this corporation which will answer to no one? Why is this transfer of an unbelievably enormous amount of ancient documents being made now? What is the real reason (not the officially given explanation) for this transfer? Who can guarantee that priceless documents won’t be lost or altered along the way? Could this be yet another act of criminal betrayal against the unprotected little nation which was once the cradle of western civilization?

Just one more important news item which you will never hear on the news.


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