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I was watching something interesting on television when the commercial break came on.


Not wanting to get up but not wanting to listen to the commercials either, I put the TV on mute as I continued watching indifferently and it was then that I saw something even more interesting.

The word Greece signifying the country (its proper name is Ellas, by the way) and the grease designating any old, dirty oil that needs to be wiped away whenever it appears in the kitchen both sound the same but, of course, they are spelled differently since they refer to two completely different things.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw that a commercial for a detergent to remove grease form the kitchen suddenly flashed the words vanish Greece. In other words, vanish Greece the country, wipe it off the face of the earth, erase it from the map.

This was not accidental, this was deliberate. Nobody in the government protestd, nobody in the media (as far as I know) brought this offensive commercial to the public’s attention. There are only two words I can use to describe this. Criminal betrayal.

You might think that watching the weather forecast on television is a pretty innocent affair but nothing is innocent during an age of corruption. I found this out while (with the television on mute again) I watched the weather forecast on one of the Ellenic TV stations.

If you’ve noticed, there is a large map behind the weatherman and this map almost always has white lines indicating the boundaries between one state and another.

Well, as I watched the weatherman talk about the weather in Europe, I saw white lines indicating the boundaries between the many nations of the continent.

Yet when there was a map of Ellas behind the weatherman, as well as a white line showing the national boundaries of Ellas with its neighboring countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. al.) there was also many white lines in the northern part of the country indicating, perhaps, its future disintegration (or is it called Balkanization?) and the future (artificially created) independent states.

Another act of criminal betrayal played right before our eyes (so that we will get used to it?) by the so-called “Greek” national television station.


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